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STX Turbo Used Lacrosse Head Unstrung with JHU Colors and a Logo


One of the first sticks to be introduced at the beginning of the 1990's - perhaps even in 1990, was the "Turbo".  This head continued to build upon the success of the Excalibur - the first open-walled head that STX introduced during the prior decade.  This classic head is by far one of the most popular of all time and is clearly recognizable from the unique sidewall design - with the STX logo built directly into the right side wall and the 3 wave like lines that run from top to bottom on the left wall. The inside of the head measures 9 1/2 inches from scoop to throat, while the widest part measures about 6 3/4 inches.  I believe the turbo had undergone a handful of improvements over the past 2 decades but believe the earliest versions can be identified by the large embossed STX log at the throat - measuring about 1 inch in length.  The stick below also has the original 8 sided aluminum logo handle and original butt cap.  The handle on this stick runs about 31 inches in length.  Note that the head is not yet off-set from the handle. This STX Turbo has the Top portion of the head painted in Navy Blue, with Carolina Blue and White Stripes with the remaining 3/4 of the head in White.

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